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Courier Software Features

Courier Software Features

Courier Management Software is the best and quickest solution for your courier business with advance features. We have the core features that a modern courier company would want from our courier management software solution. See below for courier software features & benefits.
Make International Courier Business

Courier Business Can Grow with Devox Tech

courier software feature reduce time fonctionnalités du logiciel de messagerie
Reduce Turnaround Time

Courier management system can reduce the turnaround time for your business and increase the number of deliveries.

cut extra cost in courier software ميزات برنامج البريد السريع
Cut Extra Resource Costs

Reduces the average delivery time which increases the number of deliveries. Moreover, it requires less delivery persons.

customer experience for courier software características del software de mensajería
Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide extra-ordinary delivery service with feature-rich Courier Software powered by Devox Tech to enhance your customer’s experience.

courier software delivery rate Germany Funktionen der Kuriersoftware
Increase First Attempt Delivery Rate

See a huge growth in the first attempt delivery rate by up to a whopping 90% with the help of our courier management software.

courier software supply chain china 快遞軟件功能
Transparency in Supply Chain

With this courier management system, you can track your drivers in real-time which increases transparency to the customer.

best courier software in Spain Funktionen der Kuriersoftware
Increased Efficiency

Courier software introduces automation in your operations by automating delivery tasks which eventually increasing the business efficiency

Crucial Features Of Our Tracking Solution Encouraging Your Business Reach

It comes with an excellent admin interface and also allows admin to track their system in an exclusive dashboard !

With GPS tracking and real-time delivery status updates, navigation via Google Maps, powerful proof-of-delivery and high-speed QR/barcode scanning features our driver app is an all-in-one to perform fully -In-One Toolkit Provides- Transparent and highly efficient delivery at record speed.

Customize the shipping label & Package slip templates to match your existing label template and design.*

You can also deliver the shipment of any other courier company via API. This will require API integration of your courier software with their delivery software.

recursos do software de correio
Manage Complete Cycle Of The System Through Admin Panel
функции курьерской программы Россия 宅配便ソフトウェアの機能 日本
Dispatch Order

Admin can dispatch the order delivery from the panel, by either manually assigning or auto assigning the driver for the delivery service.

fonctionnalités du logiciel de messagerie français ميزات برنامج البريد السريع ሳውዲ ዓረቢያ
Add Countries & Cities

Admin can add multiple countries from the panel to expand the business reach. Also, can add the multi cities of a country.

características del software de mensajería Española recursos do software de correio Portuguese
Manage Earning

Admin can view the delivery Hub and store earnings and view the admin earnings and generate reports based on weeks, months, and years

Manage Hub

Admin can view the registered and unregistered delivery Hub list from the admin panel. They can choose to add or remove the delivery providers from the system

Set Admin Profit

Admin can decide the profit value or percentage in terms of a particular city, vehicle and delivery provider. They can edit the price whenever they want.

Create Zone

Create different delivery zones inside the city and change the delivery charges and other settings for specific zones or enter a radius to derive different zones

Multi Language

It supports many languages, both RTL and LTR. Our online delivery software system can easily carter to the customer without any language barrier. It is easy to set up and operate anywhere in the world.

Digital Control Towers

A birds-eye view of your entire operations made available to you for visualizing and tweaking scheduled plans via three key metrics- geography, time, & vehicle(fleet).

Users and Permissions

The Courier software allows all those users to have access to your admin. Through the Frontend Manager, users only have capabilities based on the role assigned. It can be configured by the administrator.

Manage Branches

Admin can manage multiple branches or franchises. Admin can see all branches reports about outstanding parcels and outstanding payments.

Bag Management

Bag Management allows you to consolidate multiple parcels into one shipment for a single hub and agent.

Third Party API (On Demand)

Third Party API Add-on allows third party websites to access and update your Shipments by using the API route.

Partner API (On Demand)

Partner API Add-on allow our Partners website to access and update to current status of them Shipments by using the API route.


Admin can get all types of reports from Hubs, Agents, Branches, franchises, Delivery Boy, customers


The web interface itself can be shown as your website. We are ready to offer fully whitelabel products including domain names, logos, email addresses and more.

Our Core Features that helps to provide best Courier Software Solutions for Logistic, Courier, Shipping, Freight forwarding & Cargo services. Manage your business efficiently using the best flexible courier management platform.

Courier Software Features Dubai
Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic proof of address as geo-coordinates, signature, timestamp, and image along with card management and cash at point of sale.

courier software feature india
Go Paperless

Upgrade to a real-time, digital workflow while eliminating the costs associated with paper-based processes.

Funktionen der Kuriersoftware Deutschland
Improve Customer Service

Provide both your customers and CSR with real-time access to shipment information, reducing call-center volume and enabling call resolution.

Courier Software Features Nigeria
Delivery Zones

Define delivery zones and set their pricing for each city to provide courier services as per your business requirements.

Courier Software Features Ghana
Optimising Operations

Courier Software Management System optimizes business operations and task result which improves your overall business performance.

Courier Software Features Australia
Delivery Rescheduling

On non-availability of customer, the delivery agent can inform the customer in real-time and fix another time for the delivery.

Courier Software Features South Africa
Accounts Receivable

Generate customer invoices and driver settlements in minutes. Comprehensive audit trail and notes. Track aging balances, current and past-due accounts receivables.

Courier Software Features Bangladesh
Interactive dashboard

Manage and analyze your last mile delivery by using trend lines, heat maps, and planned vs actual SLA comparisons in an interactive dashboard.

Courier Software Features Belgium
Container Management

Shipment containers allow you to group multiple shipments traveling in the same area into one full truckload.

Courier Software Features Sweden
Pickup Schedule

User will be view pickup schedule for the parcel. As well as pickup schedule will be used to notify client of which date and time them parcel will be collected by courier service provider.

Courier Software Features Saudi Arabia

The dispatched parcel will be sent directly to the customer by email and SMS notification. Along with this, the notification of parcel delivery and payment will also be sent to the customer in real-time.

Courier Software Features Switzerland
Online Payment

Delivery boy of your Courier company will collect courier payment online via any source with mobile app.

Courier Software Features Brazil
Print Shipping labels

As per your brand or requirement, you can display the label and is customizable as per your brand. Print it out and attach it to all shipments.

Courier Software Features Cambodia
Payment Gateways

Add a payment gateway to make online payments. All payment gateways are supported by the platform. Contact for integrating other payment gateway which has paypal inbuilt.

Courier Software Features Thailand
Courier Integration

Automate data flow by leveraging pre-built integration across shipping lines, airlines, transporter etc. You have the option to do courier integration yourself or with a third party.

Courier Software Features China 快遞軟件功能
Address Book

Our Address Book allows you to save shippers and receiver data when creating new shipments. It auto populates the data of shipper and receiver when clicked from dropdown selection.

Courier Software Features Germany Funktionen der Kuriersoftware
Time Zones and Currencies

You can admin set the time zone, currency, distance and weight units of measurement according to your business's area of operation.

Courier Software Features UAE ميزات برنامج البريد السريع

Currently the software is available in English. You can make additional languages available for selection. It supports many languages, both RTL and LTR.

快遞軟件功能 中國
Loss Parcel Manage

The courier can scan it to mark it as received. It's almost impossible to lose package like this - you can always tell who was the last person to handle it before the loss. You can find the person responsible who loses it.

Funktionen der Kuriersoftware Deutschland
SMS System

SMS notification can be sent from your software. For some we have integration, but for some you can build a thin wrapper over our generic API for us or a third party.

برنامج محاسبة البريد السريع
Import and Export

Mostly all data can be exported as Excel and usually imported as well. Export any report in different formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX.

Customer Communication Integration

With our solution, you can enhance customer communication by allowing you to contact your dispatchers, drivers and call centers with just one tap. You can keep the call anonymous for security.

Track your drivers in real-time

With our real-time delivery tracking system, you can provide your customers with real-time driver locations and ETAs that are presented in an aesthetically pleasing and responsive web tracking experience.

Feedback Collection

Customer feedback is very important and hence we provide you with a feedback form in which all your customers can give their reviews about their experience with our service.

Automatic Notifications

Keep your customers updated by sending automated SMS notifications in real-time. Inform them about when the delivery started and when it is expected to arrive.

Customer Login

The e-commerce customer login feature has been integrated with a profile that has been made even more sophisticated.

Customer Dashboard

Customer dashboard will give you a real-time overview of your customers' actions on your website. This data will let you find out who your important customers.

Customer Interface

Customers are able to log into your website directly. They can create manual shipment or import them from an Excel file. They also have access to their invoices and COD settlement.


You can define your own notifications on a number of criteria. You can set that you or your customers can receive email or messages on any status or code change. Email and SMS content is customizable.

Customer Mobile App*

We have a customer mobile app interface. which allows customers to create an account and send a expedition in a matter of minutes. This involves choosing the sender and destination location on the map.


Delivery software has an Intuitive, interactive, and simple user interface for both Android and iOS which makes the process of onboarding extremely smooth for new drivers.

Real Time Data

Receive real-time data such as customer information and orders. With real-time tracking, drivers can avoid high-traffic areas and opt for better and faster routes to achieve higher accuracy and precision.

Proof of Delivery

With our courier app delivery solution you can improve productivity and ensure accountability with the help of detailed work history and comprehensive driver performance metrics.


With our delivery boy app solution, the execution of the completion requirements becomes extremely easy via in-app collection of notes, signatures & photos.

Same Day Delivery*

For your business, when it demands urgent shipment of your products or same day delivery.

Cash on Delivery

There is also an option of cash on delivery for the delivery boy delivers pincode/sms enabled in COD feature.

Pickup & Collection

Receive parcel for pick-up for same day delivery and pick-up of returnable or other cargo.

Customer Feedback

Customers can give feedback, record reasons for rejected items or customer feedback on delivery.

Taking Photo & E-sign

Take Photo & E-sign for any issue or proof anywhere.

Understand Features of the Courier Mobile App Along with Functionalities

Courier Software Features Austria
Electronic Sign

Get recipient’s e-Signature, electronic proof of delivery

Courier Software Features France
Geotag and Time

Capture geo tag & timestamps to know when/where ePODs are received

Courier Software Features Russia
Easy Navigation

Navigate to destination directly from the app with voice guidance

Courier Software Features New Zealand
Real Time Notification

Receive jobs and notifications in real time anywhere and anytime

Courier Software Features Canada
Vehicle Check*

Capture daily walkaround vehicle check report defect & resolve issues

Courier Software Features Sri Lanka
Direct Call

Tap a button to call the customer should the driver requires help

Courier Software Features Malaysia
Order Details

Get order details or jobs simply online without any paperwork

Courier Software Features Bolivia
Pickup & Collection

Receive jobs for pick-up of returnables or other cargo

Courier Software Features Colombia
Photo Proof

Take photo for any issue or proof anywhere

Courier Software Features Cuba
Completion in One-touch*

Notify of routes and deliveries completion in One-touch

Courier Software Features Denmark
Easy to Use

User-friendly interface, no need in training your staff

Courier Software Features Ecuador
Actual Quantity

Record the difference between planned and actual goods delivered

Courier Software Features Egypt
Cash on Delivery (COD)

Collect cash from recipient (COD) and enforce entering of amount collected

Courier Software Features El Salvador
QR / Barcode scanner

Scan QR/barcodes to check any item, capture ID from printed label

Courier Software Features Indonesia
Driver's Notes

Record driver’s notes or customer’s feedback on the collection or delivery

Courier Software Features Iran
Work Offline *

Never lose data. App work offline & sync data when connected

Courier Software Features Iraq
Getting Feedback

Record reasons for rejected items or customer's feedback on the delivery

Courier Software Features Israel
Delivery record

Driver app help to view the summary of all orders with filters

Courier Software Features Italy
User Friendly Portal

Well developed easily manageable portal that allows you to simplify your tasks

Courier Software Features Japan 宅配便ソフトウェアの機能
Easy registration

Registration is easy with normal form

Courier Software Features Kenya
Advanced search*

Advanced Search details to find order and delivery and their History

Courier Software Features Kuwait
Multiple payment options*

online payment and cash on delivery payment options

Courier Software Features Malaysia
Alerts & Updates

Instant alerts to keep dispatcher & customer updated throughout delivery cycle

Courier Software Features Laos
In-app chat/call*

Message & call for communication with the client, admin & Hub

Courier Software Features Mexico
Booking history

User and messenger can check booking history

Courier Software Features Netherland
Job Allocation*

Automated job assignment to simplify daily business operations

Courier Software Features функции курьерской программы
Create profile

After download app user & messenger create profile

Courier Software Features North Korea

Job scheduling to ensure maximum calendar utilization

Courier Software Features Sweden
Earnings reports*

messenger can check their earnings reports

Courier Software Features Uganda

Easy sorting of packets as per geofences and courier boy assigned to it

Courier Software Features Ukraine
Return Order

Keep a record on return orders and schedule them for delivery

Courier Software Features India
Route Optimization*

Cut cost on fuel to make on-time deliveries through the most optimized routes

Courier Software Features Dubai
Barcode Support*

Process bar code on your shipments with our robust solution

Courier Software Features Australia
Delivery Types

Different delivery types to meet your customer delivery needs

Courier Software Features funzionalità del software del corriere
Help and Support*

Users can easily contact the help desk in case of delay in the delivery of parcels or other issues.

Courier Software Features Bangladesh
Premium Delivery Option*

You can offer this option for faster delivery users pay extra price to get faster delivery

快遞軟件演示 中國
Matching algorithm*

The ability to match the order with the closest free courier, based on location / current route.

Courier Software Features switzerland
Personal profile*

Including order history, rating, preset personal info (name and addresses), and payment details.

Courier Software Features Russia функции курьерской программы Россия
Order View

View an order and the client details, and accept the most suitable ones.

Courier Software Features France fonctionnalités du logiciel de messagerie français
In-app messaging*

App messaging system for communication with the client, admin & Hub

Courier Software Features Dubai
Delivery Status

Delivery man can update when he has accepted/rejected the order, picked it up and delivered

Courier Software Features Australia
Route Shipment*

Which shipment pick up or deliver on the route. Mobile app offers both views, including a map of your next stop.

Courier Software Features Bikaner
Scan & Deliver

Everything starts by scanning a shipment. After that the courier can easily mark it as pickup or delivered.

Courier Software Features Bangladesh
Track Couriers

You have a history of each courier's actions, including real-time status, past routes, and a log of all its operations.

Courier Software Features switzerland

Waybill, receipts, COD receipts, daily reports.. Just add a small bluetooth pocket printer and you can have it all.

Courier Software Features china 中國
Create Shipment*

If you need to add shipments last-minute? Never mind, you might be able to do that.

Courier Software Features Russia Россия
Scan & Deliver

Everything starts by scanning a shipment. The courier can then simply mark it as pick up, delivered, assign.

Courier Software Features France français
Bulk Operation

Scan a bunch of barcodes and mark them all as picked up or delivered.

Shipment Management

Shipping logistics management involves organisation, management of trailers across the carrier's offices, execution, and control of the transportation of your shipped items. Courier software can increase the productivity and efficiency of the company's systems.

Shipment Status Updates

The shipment status update feature of the courier software alerts you to changes, status updates and other details, giving you an idea of where the product is in the shipping process.

Shipment Items and Products

You are able to manage and manage things like pricing, packaging, inventory management and product fulfillment and create a strategy that best meets the needs of your customers and our courier platform provides you with the Shipment Items and Products feature.

Shipment Tracking

Tracking shipment is the key factor in the logistics platform. We built tracking technology that empowers you to see, resolve and meet expectations Locally, Globally.

Shipment Activities

Activity profiles define that are to be carried out in the shipment document when a certain status is set for that shipments. This activity profile improves operational efficiency and provide data.

Shipping Charges

The most successful merchants use strategic shipping fee options to differentiate themselves from their competition and increase margins.

Shipment Payment

Generate reports on monthly payment reporting on payment records system. Also, customers can make online payments when the payment gateway is enabled. Online payments along with payment receipt details are also captured on the same section.

Shipment Record

There are several documents you should prepare for your export shipment. You keep copies of all your documents during the sale, as well as all other correspondence, including phone calls, emails, etc. Record the entire process.

Shipping Integration

Integrate the world's leading e-commerce/courier companies with your logistics software. Integrating the online store allows you to import orders directly from the store and ship it easily. Both automatic and manual order imports give you finer control over those orders.

Shipping Discounts

Offers shipping discount configurations to create discounts for your customer on shipping charges. The discounts can be a flat rate or a certain percentage of shipping rates. Discounts can depend on various factors like shipment type and shipping modes.

Shipment Invoice

The purpose of invoicing is to provide records of business transactions. These contain a detailed description of the products or services, prices, payment terms and due dates. An invoice is a legal document that provides for a binding agreement.

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are vital to a package. Shipping labels share important information with your supply chain, helping technology and people alike understand the origin and destination of your package.

Shipment Barcode

Courier Management Software generates unique bar code upon making the shipment. Shipment details can be accessed by barcode.

Our courier software includes reports & analytics which provides you with pivotal data. This data is critical as it helps you to take insight-driven business decisions.

Envisage all the crucial metrics like distance traveled, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, and more.

It helps you to plan as it tells you what is likely to happen by generating descriptive and predictive analytics.

Our reports and analytics provides you with indicators that tell you how bad or good you are performing.

Export any reports in different formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX.

All Shipments with Filter Options

Each shipment can be billing an invoice for the customers.

Features that helps to provide best Logistic and Courier Tracking Software Solutions for Logistic, Courier, Shipping, Freight forwarding & Cargo services.

  • Shipment Management
  • Status Updates
  • Shipment Items and Products
  • Shipment Documents
  • Shipment Invoice
  • Shipping Charges
  • Shipment Payments
  • Shipment Activities
  • Shipping Integration
  • Carrier Integration
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Analytics and Navigation
  • Shipment Barcode
  • Internal Messaging
  • Deliver scheduling*
  • Advertising system*
  • Excel Import and Export
  • Multiple Shipment Management
  • Social Networks Authentication
  • Bulk Scanning
  • Users and Permissions
  • Customized Templates
  • Payment Gateways*
  • Customized Reports*
  • Live tracking for customers
  • Shipping Calculator*
  • Real Time Notification
  • Global Configurations*
  • Online Bookings
  • Route Optimization
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Email & SMS
  • Shipping Rates
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Containers Management*
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Customer News Feed
  • Widget Integration*
  • Lead Integration*
  • Content Management System
  • Warehouse Shipment Management*
  • Customer Support Portal*
  • Tax Configurations
  • Customer Wallet*
  • Shipping Discounts*
  • Shipping Labels
  • Online Tracking
  • Supplier management*

  • Admin login
  • Dashboard
  • General Setting
  • All Report
  • Manage language
  • Manage access control
  • Manage Vehicle
  • Manage Staff
  • Manage currency
  • Messenger
  • Manage Master Panel
  • Manage items
  • SMTP info
  • Social media
  • Manage FAQ
  • CMS page
  • Manage content
  • SMS gateway setting
  • COD (Cash on delivery)
  • Manage booking
  • Manage driver
  • Manage customers
  • Global receive
  • Account Manaage
  • Product Type
  • Web Inquiry
  • News
  • Ads Management
  • Stock Management
  • Missing Shipment List
  • Realtime AWB tracking System
  • AWB Booking
  • Track your parcel location
  • Shipment tracking mode
  • Manage Multiple Franchises branch
  • Manage freight Rate as per Branch
  • Manage Branch / Agent Distance
  • Manage Delivery and Pickup Center
  • Agent, Hub, Branch Management
  • Branch / Agent / Hub Login

  • Manage Parcel / Document
  • Regular & Special call Module
  • Route Management by Location
  • Intercity Pickup & Drop System
  • Parcel Pickup Alert
  • Generate Parcel Pickup Sheet
  • Parcel verification by barcode AWB no

  • Generate Manifest & AWB No. Details
  • Bulk AWB Upload By Excel*
  • Shipment and tracking report
  • Manage Courier Bagging with Unique Bag tag*
  • Manifest Configure by Hub, Branch, Agent, Franchises
  • Manage Incoming / Outgoing details*
  • Manage Load register*
  • Parcel Forwarding Module
  • Schedule and manage Co Loader*
  • Manifest Weight, price, No of Parcel bag Management Module
  • Manage shipment Booking Mode By Flight/ Air Or Cargo/ Surface Shipment*
  • Manage Customer, Consignee, Consignor List
  • Managing the details of Customer and Freight Rate
  • Inward/ Outward Parcel Email / Sms Alert to Customer
  • Payment option
  • Customer Sigh up / Login
  • Manage Coloader - air /surface /flight /cargo*
  • Track location
  • Assigned order
  • Customer ratings
  • Status of delivery boy
  • Set status of item
  • Allowing the Customer and management to query
  • Delivery time
  • My orders
  • Profile settings
  • Rating & review option
  • Check out
  • Incoming AWB Parcel Verification
  • DRS (Delivery run sheet) generation
  • Generate Proof of Delivery Sheet*
  • Manage Delivery Proof and Details
  • AWB No Acknowledgement
  • Delivery Attempt Management
  • Parcel delivery Status Management
  • Delivery / Dispatch Route Management by Location
  • Loss Parcel Management

  • Generate Cashflow Report (Branch/Agent/Franchises)
  • Manifest Report
  • Cashflow Account Report
  • Expense Account Management*
  • Customer COD, Paid Billing Report
  • Generate Customer / Agent / Sender / Receiver Billing Invoice report
  • Daily, Monthly Cash report (Hub/Branch/Agent/Franchises)
  • Manage Co-loader Account*
  • Manage Customer / Agent / Sender/ Receiver Account
  • Generating a unique tracking AWB no. for Parcel
  • Manage Every Barcode Print
  • Inward / Outward Barcode Label Module*
  • Bracode Prininting Module*
  • Create Every Parcel Label Barcode

  • Staff login
  • Manage Pickup and Delivery Boy
  • Assigned order*
  • Manage Expense by employee*
  • Branch / Hub Employee Login
  • Manage Employee by branch*
  • Manage Employee rights as per deisgnation
  • Staff Privilage
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